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    Originally posted by davzLSA View Post
    Hi Stinger. I was thinking about how the RV4 aileron is designed, it has a minimal frame with stiffeners riveted to the one piece skins and of course with the half inch water pipes riveted in the nose as counter weights. Its not some thing I planning to do but it is something interesting to think about. I wonder if it would be as light at the original design but have the durability of a metal skin vs a fabric skin? What do you think?
    I'd say it is rare when Bob leaves much meat on the bone when it comes to weight reduction opportunity, and that he probably worked it out. This would be a great question for him sometime sitting under the wing at an airshow! He seems to love talking about this kind of stuff.
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      I look forward to that opportunity some day Jared.


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        Dave, making changes or mods to fit your personal needs is great. However flight controls are a different animal one would have to consider flutter and thus loss of control . I made a lot of changes but not with controls such as fuel gages instead of the sight tube , three stringers on the fuselage back, an additional baggage compartment along with a door, I moved the engine forward 1 1/2 inches , a lot of fairings, rear seat brake. My LSA flies great. It's heavy at 900lbs, I like it, I weigh 155lb My friends plane sets at 860lb but he is 265,so there . Good luck Stinger