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What is the lowest price to build a Bearhawk LSA?

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    Ones personal social infrastructure makes a big difference as well. If you are an integral part of a vibrant local homebuilding/aviation community, you will have a lot of help, and that includes buying used stuff to come up with a 41K Bearhawk price.

    Having 8 friends recommend a good used 15k engine to you, you can probably buy it, or a used prop/avionics, etc, with confidence. Without that (me) you could easily buy an engine off of Barnstormers that turns out to be a boat anchor at best, and you just blew 15k.

    This includes having access to tools and people with a lot of experience that will guide you through the process.

    For others, without this infrastructure (me) buying used can be very costly. I like to be cheap when I can, but understand the risks when I do. I have been cheap often in the past. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes it cost me a lot of money.


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      Very true and well said, svyolo!