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    I was working on installing my firewall this evening and ran into a snag. Mark is gone until Wed. so hoping someone else can help me out before then. I drilled one of the pilot hole out, put a 5/16 bolt through it and clamped the other side to line up and drill. Looking it over I noticed 2 angles riveted on the bottom that keep it from mounting flush on the bottom. ( see pics ) Does anyone have any idea what these are for? I checked the "clue" prints and can't find them anywhere. Also checked the measurement from top down thinking the pilot holes might be off but they are to print at 7-1/2" . All help or suggestions appreciated!
    Also, it seems like I heard a while back that someone might be working on an instruction manual for the LSA? If so, I would like any info on that too.
    Thank you. al
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    I believe those angle pieces are where the "tunnel" attaches underneath. Look at the photos on Eric Newton's Patrol Build site and you can see them. I'm building a Patrol (not the LSA), but the angles on my firewall seem to fit below that bottom cross tube. You may want to try to call Mark or send him a text message about it.
    Jim Parker
    Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
    RANS S-6ES (E-LSA) with Rotax 912ULS (100 HP)


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      Jim, you are absolutely correct. What I have found out since my post last night, thanks Stinger, is the pilot holes are 1" off. They are located 7-1/2" down per print but need to be 6-1/2 down to be correct. So as far as I can tell, the print is off 1". I wonder if there has been an revision to the print since I bought mine?
      Thanks, al
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        You might call Bob and see what he says. I don't see any changes like that listed yet.


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          Good plan Jared, I will call him tomorrow. Thanks,


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            After visiting with both Bob and Mark they reassured me that the 7-1/2" measurement is correct. Therefore, my firewall is wrong and will need modified to work. The 3" formed angles will need to be cut back to 2" in order for this to fit. Now I'm not sure if the tunnel that came in the kit will work as it has 3" sides which match the slits in the firewall? More head scratching for sure!


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              It is good to know that Mark stands by his kits. He is contacting all LSA kit buyers to let them know of the problem and to find out exactly which kits are affected. He promises to take care of the problem, and I'm sure he will. I think the firewall work is easy and I will not be requesting anything on that, I don't think. However, the tunnel is another matter and I would like to get that replaced as it is difficult to build with the multiple close angles, and shrinking one end.

              Sometimes it is important to judge performance by how people and organizations recover from errors, and I think Mark is doing exactly what he needs to do in this case.



              • Mark Goldberg
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                Thanks Al. Nobody and no company (Cessna, Beech, Boeing) is perfect. What counts is if a company makes things right when there is a problem. Mark