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VH-MCZ Scratch Built 2001, YIO-390

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  • Bearhawk 4-Place VH-MCZ Scratch Built 2001, YIO-390

    This is a cool plane I thought, I am not affiliated in any way though.

    VH MCZ.jpg

    VH MCZ1.jpg
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    Built by Merle Hargreaves in Australia


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      Late to the party but that’s my old bird as seen on my farm in Hahndorf, South Australia. Scratch built by Merv as a cruiser so I added a bunch of STOL mods. Double puck brakes, ABWs and VGs. Performed really well with the IO390 and CSU except when it was loaded up in the summer. It was built quite heavy as Merv wasn’t focused on STOL. Anyway, I’m back on the forum trying to work out whether I build a bearhawk or a kitfox. Same price just need to work out if I need usefulness or just a toy!


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        Many bearhawks floating around AU? I would love to see one in the flesh.


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          Yeah there are a handful scattered around. Maybe refer to the builders map?

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        There's bits of one in Nowra, NSW :-)

        I've only briefly seen one myself here in NSW... in all likelyhood, the first one I see up close will be my one, from the driver's seat!
        It's a bit lonely building away on your own, it'd be good if the oz builders got into contact a bit more :-)

        Stay tuned - I'm going over to the classifieds forum now to kick off a thread of items for BH builders is Australia - I've got stuff other people surely will want when they start to build...

        The Bob Barrows Bearhawk: "It's big like a Boeing... but better built."


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          Sorry I havent been back for a while... Work gets in the way trying to pay for these things

          I got a PM saying there was one in Warwick, which is good as we head up that way when we head to Brisbane.



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            Work, and bushfires!
            The Bob Barrows Bearhawk: "It's big like a Boeing... but better built."