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N862SC O-360 Scratch Built

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  • Bearhawk Patrol N862SC O-360 Scratch Built

    First few flights began 09/10/2018. Plane has Barrows built Superior O-360 (ECI Nickel Carbide heads), Hartzell C/S, Dual P-Mags, carb, auto pilot, full panel, 850x6 tires. Weight 1233 lbs. with some fuel onboard. Very warm gusty bumpy first flights. Seems to flight straight and level. OAT 80+, all x-wind landing except for one. Easy to fly. Working on lowering temps, need natures help (fall). Highly recommend Avipro products, used the wing kit + fuel tanks, wished I'd bought finished wing (est saved 1+++ years with kit). Eric Newton's tail wheel (used 8") excellent product, might need a 10" in my soft field, Vetterman exhaust another excellent product and fit was perfect. All these products were way-better-built than I could do.
    Do overs: The full elec. system is nice but probably took an extra calendar year of time. The new engine is also excellent, but if I did it over, would have acquired a used O-360, got all the connecting, cowling, paint.....finished, flew it some, then do a Bob B. rebuild/or new at some point. Cut the unknowns in half for the first flights (engine/plane) pilot too.
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    Congratulations Scott. I had been wondering how you were coming along. Your Patrol looks very nice. Well done.

    For the rest of you - Scott has also built a plans built Storch replica. He is a very accomplished builder from my point of view.

    This is the second Patrol to fly in just a couple weeks. Looks like the Patrol might be achieving critical mass. Mark


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      Outstanding! And congratulations on finishing a great looking patrol!


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        Beautiful!! Congrats. Now the real fun begins!!!


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          Great paint scheme choices. Congratulations!


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            That’s a really great looking plane! Enjoy!



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              Very nice. Congratulations !
              Scott Ahrens
              Bearhawk Patrol Plans Built