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Early Bravo Wing Issues

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  • Early Bravo Wing Issues

    First let me say that Mark and I are working together to sort out the problems. But be advised......

    It seems like the aileron actuation system was changed but early plans didn't reflect this. The upshot is that if you have an early set of Bravo wings, they may not be correctly configured and/or the aileron bellcrank brackets may not be correctly orientated - or they may not look like your plans. Also, your hardware may not reflect the latest design. Also, if you are working off the old build guide, the Bravo wing bay configuration is different and the aux tank goes in bay 4 NOT bay 3. The plumbing guidance around the bellcrank is also out of date and you are going to have to work out something else.

    As I said, Mark and I are working on this but I have just had a VERY frustrating day thinking I couldn't read plans or was screwing up in some way. If you are an early Bravo wing recipient, I suggest you check your configuration and check with Mark if necessary BEFORE you start fitting ailerons or cutting out wing tank bays.

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    My build buddy and I ordered 1423B & 1424B early on...within a week after delivery of the plans, Bob called to verify which sheet plans I had. Basically some of the "A" model sheets got mixed in with the early "B" model plan sets. Bob had already shipped replacements, even though our plan sets were correct.

    If my memory serves me right, it had to do with the bellcrank assemblies.



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      Andy more or less stated the origin of this problem. A mistake in the plans from Bob showing Patrol type aileron bellcrank (and its mounting) rather than the 4 place bellcrank which did not change on the Model B. It did take a while for me and Paul to figure out what had happened. I actually thought that this had been caught at the factory before any wings went out. But not so.What Paul in SA will have to do is swap his aileron support frames (from left to right) and install the correct 4 place BH aileron bellcranks which will be sent. There might be one or two other sets of wings like this but not sure until the owners are contacted. That will happen now. Mark


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        Excellent support from Bearhawk Aircraft as always!

        Troubleshooting the problem can be frustrating, but it's nice to have support right there when you need it.


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          I have plans # 1462B I notice each plans page has the letter B next to each page number------ (in the blueprint info box) Would the "B" attached to the page numbers indicate a change to the
          plans to prevent Non-B sheets from being accidently included ? My pages 13, 14 and 15 have a B in the page number--- as do all the other pages. I would THINK that indicates that my
          pages are after the mistake was caught ………

          Did the mistake pages have a B next to the page numbers ?



          • robcaldwell
            robcaldwell commented
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            Curious of the same. My serial number is 11B-24B/25B.

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          Speaking of the Bravo wings, has anyone created a template for the gap between the fuselage and the flaps?

          Rob Caldwell
          Lake Norman Airpark (14A), North Carolina
          EAA Chapter 309
          Model B Quick Build Kit Serial # 11B-24B / 25B
          YouTube Channel:
          1st Flight May 18, 2021


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            You two guys plans and your wing Rob are all OK and do not have the error of those early Model B wings. The fix turns out to be a little more complicated that what I stated above. But not that complicated. No reason to detail it all here because it looks like it might be relevant to just one builder or maybe two. I am waiting to hear back from the second one after he checks his wings.

            Rob - the area you ask about between the wing/flap and the fuselage I will respond privately. Mark


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              What I'm always impressed with is how Bob and Mark are available and approachable...I have worked in product support engineering for 19 years and 7 years in manufacturing on Bombers, 747s, 767s and biz jets and those companies pale in comparison to the help and candor provided by Bob and Mark...they are about building and flying, not PC stuff and it's a breath of fresh air.

              Also the help and humor on the forum is awesome. Alaska, Battson, Whee, and myriads of others are more help than they probably realize.

              I hope my earlier post was clear in that Bob recognized a potential error and was on it quick...he was clear and concise, and had already sent the drawings (even though I had the right ones) so I wouldn't be slowed down. It made me chuckle as I thought "holy crap I'm a long way away from the aileron bell cranks...but I have the right drawings!"



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                Turns out I did have the correct plans (B1434) and the correct parts. Unfortunately, the factory put the support frames into the wrong wings. So, easy fix - just need to find someone with very small hands and very bendy arms........


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                  just need to find someone with very small hands and very bendy arms........
                  That seems like it was all ways my job..... go through an inspection hole that was 2 inches square and reach
                  a fitting 3 feet away and R+R something involving multiple hose clamps and some #10's with nylock nuts...…. those were the good old days......