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Air vents for rear passengers

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  • Air vents for rear passengers

    Wonder if anyone is installing air vents for rear passengers, could not find any posts or pictures.

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    I've ridden in a Patrol that had simple circular vents in the window......seemed to provide good airflow.



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      I think a NACA intake under the wing with a SCAT duct routed aft of the windows would be a good bet.

      Where we fly (ambient temps from 35*C to -5*C at sea level, -15*C at 10k ft), we seldom have the problem that it's too hot in the back. Its the cold which causes problems, especially in the back. I haven't found an idea for heating in the back which works for me (biggest criteria is weight - I don't want ANY extra)


      • jaredyates
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        I was planning to put a NACA under the wing in the .032 skin section, and Bob said he didn't want to see a hole there for structural reasons. Perhaps you could fit one in the wing root fairing, but mine are too narrow.

      • Battson
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        I guess you could add a big doubler to address Bob's concerns?

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      I mentioned this before but we used NACA ducts under the wing to eyeball vents in the ceiling for the rear seats and turn them to blow on the back of our necks when it's hot and we have no passengers.


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        Pat, could you post a picture(s)?
        Dave Bottita The Desert Bearhawk
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          Originally posted by DesertBearhawk View Post
          Pat, could you post a picture(s)?
          I found this from pictures of Pat's on



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            As I mentioned in a comment above, I was planning to put a Vans NACA in the wing root area between the ribs in the .032 skin, but Bob said he didn't want to have any holes there for structural reasons. My next question for him was "So, if I might have already cut a hole there, what should I do?" He suggested I patch it and that's what I did. I have purchased a set of vents like Mike posted above, but have yet to install them. I have not yet mastered the weather stripping issue, so our whole cabin is so drafty we haven't really needed them yet. My project before this winter is to seal the gaps and install the twist vents, planning to place them as high as possible in the rear windows to take advantage of the high pressure in intersection of the wing and fuselage.