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Fiberglass windscreen fairing materials

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  • Fiberglass windscreen fairing materials

    Looking for input on Materials required for making the windscreen fairing. Any special cloth? Recommended resin/ epoxy? New to this . Thanks

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    Whatever epoxy you can find locally. i.e. West, MAS, System 3. Polyester resin will also work fine for this and is cheaper if you don't plan on using epoxy anywhere else also it smells a lot stronger. 4 to 6 oz fiberglass tape either locally at a boat store or I think ACS sells it as well. Probably Wicks also. It is not structural. Cheap is OK if you don't already have good quality materials on hand.


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      Tyvm. That helps


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        I used bi-directional fg cloth because of the curves and bends. Cut it on diagonal.
        Thanks too much,
        John Bickham

        Los Lunas, NM Mid Valley Airpark E98
        BH Plans #1117
        Avipro wings/Scratch


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          Oh yeah, I agree with the biaxial vs unidirectional. The aircraft suppliers sell composite stuff for a VERY reasonable price and you are already ordering from them anyway. Price is usually the same or less than a local retailer and the quality is usually better.


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            Here's what I used. Came out great.



            Rob Caldwell
            Davidson, North Carolina
            EAA Chapter 309
            BH Model B Quick Build Kit Serial # 11B-24B / 25B
            Build Log:
            YouTube Channel:


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              Rob, what is the nifty little saw you were using to trim with?
              Excellent instructional video! Thanks!