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Aerothane painting tape off question

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  • Aerothane painting tape off question

    Ready to paint fuselage..will have a defining line of two different colors top and bottom. Do i tape the line off, spray bottom colour...wait then tape off at existing line and paint top colour. Or do i overshoot the line with bottom colour, then tabe the line and paint top colour..input greatly appreciated

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    In my case, the lines were the last thing i did. After painting the base colour (red and white in my case), I taped/painted the lines. It woks fine for me.
    One more consideration (not related to your question): if your primer is grey or dark, consider painting the complete airplane with white first, and then apply the primary colour. I did a test painting red over my greyish primer, and the red was dark/ugly red...



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      I forgot to mention that I used Endura paint...not sure if Aerothane system behave the same...

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    I asked my paint supplier that same question. And she said if you overlap a new coat of aerothane over a fully cured coat, you should scuff the surface of the cured coat for better adhesion. I elected to tape twice to save weight and material.


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      So jared...your paint lines are basically butt joints?? As far as your blue and white. No overlap of the blue and white. Pretty much...also..i will be shooting one coat of white polytone over all the silver polyspray before the red and white, and will be using a white epoxy primer over all aluminum before red or white aerothane on it...


      • jaredyates
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        Yes, no overlap of blue and white (except for the tail number), though take it with a grain of salt based on my standards for a paint job. Guys like Michel should have more sway in such decisions.

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      Would recommend using the 3M fine line blue vinyl masking tape that is about a 1/4" wide for the sharp clean paint edges. It lays down tight with no bleed. Then overlap the painters tape the run with the masking paper. The vinyl masking tape lays down like car pin striping and makes it easy to follow a line or tight curves. It is stretchy so best not to be aggressive with stretching the tape. The vinyl tape comes off clean and leaves a crisp paint edge. It may be difficult to butt two colours. We did a juneau white metallic then put the green metallic over top. With the all white primer then check how car painters blend an edge so you could lay the white top coats so it overlaps progressively with a soft edge.A wider masking tape is used and rolled pack over itself so there are no sharp edges. First coat is a little wider, second coat moved in slightly with the rolled back tape edge. That method does not leave sharp lines. There likely is a Youtube on the rolled tape edge for blending auto paint. The principle would be the same to give the soft overlap for the red over white. That way the red could lay over the white without any lines showing through and not adding much more paint than necessary. The primer will likely need to be scuffed so it would include the narrow band of white inside the area to be red. That is hindsight how we should have done our green with the white. Just some thoughts to chew on. :- )
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        Lay the base color. Overspray the accent. Depends some on the colors but typically the lighter color first. Pull fine line while paint is still soft for a better edge. Pull tape over itself. Could butt the tape lines but it’s more work.


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          Thanks all