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Vetterman Exhaust Cowl Clearance

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    Spoke with Clint today. He has offered to pay shipping via courier if I send the exhaust back, and he will tighten it up to provide clearance. (Normal freight to NZ takes months at present). This is what I’ll do and hopefully it’ll be back in a few weeks.

    He said that until about 2-3 years ago there were very few issues. Then a few exhausts didn’t fit as they had previously. I wondered if it had something to do with the change to the Bravo model, given the timeframe. I think also any variation in the firewall position between builders could have an effect too. Just a few thoughts. Clint was going to phone Mark and discuss.

    As frustrating as the issue is I can’t complain with the service.
    Nev Bailey
    Christchurch, NZ


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      We get to choose which nose bowl we want when ordering a kit. I wonder if one gives more clearance for the exhaust than the the other.

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    Clint is a good guy and took care of mine for me. I have probably one of the older kits - definitely not a Bravo model. So I'm not sure where the difference has come in.
    Larry Driver
    Bearhawk 4-Place Quickbuild N22LD
    Mogollon Airpark, Overgaard AZ