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Overdue Update Continues

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  • Overdue Update Continues

    Well I didn't get a lot completed on the plane this weekend but I got somethings done in the shop that I think will help down the road. My shop light s were getting dim so I changed from florescent to LED 8500 Lums. It's an all together kind of light. Not that I'm getting older and my eyes get tired quicker, Nothing like that! Forget to mention the near catastrophe while putting up the lights, while moving the plane back into place the tail wheel fell of the stand and the v on the stand caught the tail wheel spring. THANK GOD or things would have got ugly quick. I know I should be more careful but this plane has set on that stand like this for 2yrs.

    With the help of my wonderful assistant our girl is now proudly wearing her registration number N324WC, November 324 Whisky Charlie.
    I also visited some of the local airports checking out the hanger situation. Not a whole lot of luck.

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    Thats a good looking airplane, thanks for sharing the pix


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      I will second that for LED lights. As I got older I finally needed to use reading glasses, but discovered it depends on what type of light. Sunlight I can read a newspaper unassisted. Fluorescent lights you might as well just turn them off. I am blind as a bat with FL lights.

      LED's are almost as good as sunlight for my eyes. They make great work lights.


      • Sebastian
        Sebastian commented
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        I’ve noticed that also. I can still pass the eye exams but let my eyes get tired and my close vision needs help from a pair of readers. This getting old sucks. 😡😡

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      Got a few more things finished on the plane. After getting the right mag installed and timed I was able to install the oil cooler, filter w/lines that I had mocked up over a year ago. As those of you that are building know things need to go on the plane in a certain order or things get to tight to work. After that I put the engine controls back in. Also been sitting on the bench for a long period waiting for the right time to install hopefully for the last time. Adding some pictures to show what was accomplished.


      • JimParker256
        JimParker256 commented
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        I love your oil filter setup! Did you also install a "quick-drain" fitting at the oil sump? If so, changing oil and filter will be quick and easy, with very little mess! Really well-organized and neat FWF! Makes it all look so simple, when we all know it is not... Looking really good, Sebastian!

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      Yes I did Jim. You can see it in the picture of the throttle connection. Thank you for the comment.