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Oshkosh tales 2017

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  • Oshkosh tales 2017

    Ops...I mean 2018, not 2017

    I drove over yesterday from Michigan in my full size van pulling my pop-up. I found a good sight in the “no generator” section of camp spot boarders a corn field...not Great, but good and I am content.

    The key words for the day is Slop and Mud. Riding my little garage sale bike, (Ugly enough to qualify as theft proof no lock required) I look like a skunk with a stripe of light grown mud down the center of my dark blue wind breaker.

    But I hear no airplanes arriving. It’s IFR and I am curious where everyone is at, what you have experienced, and what strategies you plan to make it in. Let me know if you are close and need some help. (Seven three four) four seven six - zero three nine eight. I hope I can sit out later by the runway and watch landings as I listen to ATC.

    I’ll head out for a jog thru the slop. Hopefully I can get a bearhawk photo to share.
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    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
    Patrol #303, Kit build

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    I am here at Camp Scholler with an EAA buddy (Tom). We arrived on Friday night from the Dallas area. Our “Wildcat” 5th-wheel is parked on Stitts, right across from the driveway that separates the shower house from the little store. We’ve got electric and water at our site. Red Chevy 2500 HD pickup in front. Any Bearhawk folks are welcome to stop by any time for a cold bottle of water, a Coke Zero, or cup of coffee. Just call to make sure we’re “home”. 214 four nine eight 9639.

    Also, we are probably going into town for dinner tonight (location TBD), and have 3 seats available in the truck, if anyone (especially anyone camping with their plane) wants a break from “roughing it”, you’re welcome to join us. Call me at the number above, and we’ll even pick you up at a convenient spot.

    Jim Parker
    Jim Parker
    Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
    Patrol Quick-Build Serial # P312


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      There is a group of 3, 4 place and 2, 2 place
      Bearhawk in Homebuilt Camping at about ded center I- 9 grid.


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        Flew through the muck Saturday evening only to get turned away, the Bonanza mass arrival was taking up runway 36 and runway 9 closed due to an incident just as we got to Fisk. Spent the night at Portage, had to wait for VFR conditions on Sunday, but made it in before the chaos.


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          After 5 days of our best Oshkosh yet, we left this morning with a sendoff from Craig Hatch, who stopped by as we were leaving. It was great to spend more time talking to several of our old friends and new friends too. I'll not name names because I'm sure I would forget someone.
          The departure was easy with no wait, and we flew down the lake shore to stop at IGQ for lunch and a family visit. Turns out IGQ has a fantastic restaurant on the property. From there we pointed towards home, picking through the same cold front that rained on us last night in the tent. We needed to get through CVG's class B and it was a total non-event thanks to very acomodating ATC. In the carolinas we get used to being vectored around the airspace, so we know not to ask. Then we made a potty stop in the middle of nowhere KY, and on to TRI just before dark, crossing 7 states. We don't fly at night, especially between TRI and E40, and E40 is closed at night anyway. Now we are in the hotel ready to be well rested for the last 30 minute hop tomorrow.

          Some of our higlights included:
          Talking about Bearhawks, especially learning from the other operators and getting good help from builders who have suggestions for the manual project and Beartracks. Also talking with several folks who were thinking about building, vicariously reliving their excitent.
          Getting to see two new-to-me 4-place Bearhawks and one new LSA
          Seeing several of our paramotor friends, including a Paradigm performance at the ultralight runway
          The girls were selected to participate in the first ever pedal plane parade, setting a new world record for the number of pedal planes gathered
          Seeing Draco the Wilga, the BD5 jet, the double russian prop/jet thing (etc) all flying
          Minimal maintenance crises so far (leaky cabin in the rain, Dynon screen crash)
          Safe travels (so far) and little girls who have been patient flyers!
          Tied down on the ramp at TRI

          Rural KY "Daddy I've got to go potty!"

          Skyview goes TU in flight for the first time ever, came back after forced reboot

          Mike Swain, here is your Chicago pic, synthetic vision version

          Pedal plane parade

          I have over 1000 pics to go through on the "big" camera, plus another hundred or so on the phone, but these should be a goood start.


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            Jared likes over squared!


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            That's what the constant speed prop is for! WOT and 2200 RPM, lean of peak, 9 GPH and 110 knots indicated. And that's with a heavy load of stuff too.

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          I have to put OSH on the schedule for next year. I did make Arlington a coupe of weeks ago, and will go to Abbotsford in a couple of weeks. I went to OSH a couple of times in the very early 80's, and Sun'n'Fun mid 90's. Looks like fun.


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            I was at Oshkosh from Saturday afternoon through Thursday morning camping in my backpacking tent. I always learn so much talking to other Bearhawk builders. So great to meet new friends in the Bearhawk community and I have to thank Chris for the terrific job he does with the Bearhawk dinner . Some really nice Bearhawks there, Dennis and Donna's Patrols really stand out. I thought I was going to get away without spending much, but in the end I couldn't pass up the Hooker Harness 20% show discount, so ordered 4 harnesses. I spent 7 hours in the Stewart Systems work shop as I will be starting fabric work soon. I flew commercial to Green Bay because I was in Kansas City the week before. My next door neighbor was at the show with his 5th wheel and picked me up there. Had a great trip home Thursday with a friend from our local EAA chapter in his Cessna 337. Departed VFR and filed IFR in route. Flew at 6 to 8 thousand due to 30k quartering headwinds, until we got to the front range, ATC took us to 17000 for crossing the continental divide. Had a few diversions around storm cells, his stormscope was lit up pretty good at times. We were actual IFR about 20% of the trip. 175k cruise speed made the trip go a lot faster than I am used to. Oshkosh never disappoints. Once in a while I run into a pilot who has never been, I always tell them they have to go.


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              Heading home from OSH !
              A big thanks to Chris for the BBQ setup and
              the delicious food. Great gathering to put
              names to faces and make new aquaintances!

              Wishing everyone safe travels, today and in the future too!


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                Arrived Sunday morning after rain storm. I have been many times same - I came prepared with my muck boots. Camp ground seemed full at 7:30am. This year I brought a trailer to Oshkosh for my Wicks fly by on the way home. I was not used to the additional drag of a trailer and got stuck in the mud almost immediately. The camp ground is full of great people that helped me get out of mud. I was shown how to escape from a bog without a 4 wheel drive. Met Bob and asked my list of questions. Spent time talking to Dennis and Donna about their build. That was very helpful. My wife and I were jealous watching Jared and Tabatha with their two daughters playing under the wing. It was cute with the little ones in the cockpit trying to figure out the instrument panel. My wife learned the hard way not to board a camp ground bus. You never know where they will take you. For me its a bicycle not bus. I learned my lesson years ago. Helped my EAA chapter at the corn roast and learned the location of the EAA pavilion. From then on I knew where to go for EAA chapter pancakes every morning.

                Special thanks to Chris and anyone else that helped with BBQ.

                stan Austin Tx
                Austin Tx


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                  I enjoyed talking with you Stan, we did more "porch sitting" than usual this year, which turned out to be more fun than I expected.