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Onboard Tool Box / Kit

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  • Onboard Tool Box / Kit

    Of those that are flying, what are you using as an onboard tool box / kit? Weight being the greatest concern, what are the minimum tools that you are carrying? What are you storing your tools in, and where?

    I imagine a small box anchored in the cargo area containing screwdrivers, combination wrenches, ratchet and sockets, pliers, cross cutter, allen keys, spark plug socket, ratchet straps, zip ties, safety wire... What else?

    I'm certain someone will share something that will have the rest of us saying, "AH! I didn't think of that!"
    Rob Caldwell
    Davidson, North Carolina
    EAA Chapter 309
    BH Model B Quick Build Kit Serial # 11B-24B / 25B
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    Plan its location to avoid from taking up floor space. Attach it to the wall, or behind the aft bulkhead, or under a seat.
    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
    Patrol #303, Kit build


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      I have a tool bag with the tools you mentioned plus a tire gauge. 1/4" sockets are in an Altoids tin which keeps them together nicely. the bag also fits a quart of oil and window cleaning stuff. I used to carry hardware to replace the stuff that likes to break on the Scott 3200 when I had my Pacer. I haven't figured out what is most likely to break on the Patrol yet so I just have a few screws to replace any that might go missing from cowls or inspection panels. Haven't needed any yet. With aviation spark plugs I would carry a spare. I run automotive plugs and don't bother carrying spares. (two reasons, they don't seem as problematic and I can get them anywhere.)

      I made a little compartment aft of the bulkhead in the baggage area that holds my tool bag and my Claw tie downs. The tool bag with everything in it and the tie down kit add up to 19 lbs. I also carry ratchet straps under the back seat for use at more civilized parking spots that have tiedown rings. I only have about 170 hours on the Patrol so far but have only needed an end wrench and a screwdriver so far.
      Rollie VanDorn
      Zanesville, OH
      Patrol Quick Build


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        Good stuff!

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      We did an EAA meeting where folks brought in toolboxes and explained what we had in each one, along with a meeting each for first aid and survival kits.
      Here is a mostly inclusive list of the toolbag:
      A socket set and ratchets (maroon plastic box)
      An electric drill
      Flexible 1/4 Hex extension
      Needle nose pliers, side cutters
      Tire tube repair kit, inflator that uses CO2 cartridges and CO2 cylinders (pump is in the survival bag)
      Tire pressure gauge
      A few drill bits
      Numerous screwdriver bits
      Ratchet screwdriver handles
      Spark plugs and socket
      Rescue tape
      Small hammer
      Wrench set
      Metric crescent wrench
      Butane torch/soldering iron
      JB weld stick
      Allen wrench set
      Spare nuts, washers, cotter pins, a few screws and bolts, fuses
      Brass punch
      Leatherman-style multi-tool
      Utility knife
      Safety wire, RTV, zip ties
      Since this photo was taken, I've added a set of nut drivers with a 1/4" drive, and a reacher/grabber

      You didn't ask about the other kits, but they all work together in our on-the-road problem solving. The lists below are from memory, and I might be forgetting some:
      Small blue tarp (signalling and shelter)
      1/8" rope
      Small axe
      Roll of paper towels
      Water purification tablets
      Water transportation bags
      1 Quart aluminum pot with lid
      White gas (avgas) MSR Whisperlite stove
      Signal mirror
      Probably more I can't remember

      First Aid kit
      Several rolls of self-adhering wrap
      Lady products to be used as bandages
      Antibiotic ointment
      Several Space Blankets
      Rubber Gloves

      Convenience kit (the airplane's flight bag)
      Fuel sample cup
      VHF handheld radio, batteries, headset adapter, antenna
      Flap locks
      pitot cover
      tennis balls for VHF antennas (at fly-ins or where the general public will be around the plane)
      Flashlights and spare batteries
      Charging cables, audio cables
      USB battery bank with solar charger
      12v USB charging adapters
      1-3 quarts of oil
      Tiedown anchors, hammer, and ropes
      Little girl folding potty
      paper for above
      a few bottles of water
      lion king figures (at the moment)

      It's important to open these kits up during the condition inspection and see what might need refreshing.


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        I carry 12 kg (27 lbs) of "extra stuff" with me at all times in the Backcountry. Apart from true STOL work on airport, I never remove this gear. This weight includes the containers / bags etc.

        "Tie down bag"
        Tie downs cross-pegs (3 points)
        Rope three lengths 4m (12') and breaking strain 1.2 tonne (2,500lbs)
        Gust locks x3 (aileron, elevator, rudder)

        "Charts box"
        Maps (whole country)
        Plates (whole country)
        Windscreen cleaner
        Clean rag

        Multi-tool screwdrivers / sockets
        Spare fuel card
        Spare spark park plug
        Spare tail spring retaining bracket
        Tire pressure gauge
        Cord 10m
        Duct tape
        Sick bags
        Assorted nuts, washers, bolts
        Heavy gauge wire
        Waterproof matches and lighter
        Toilet paper
        Satellite phone
        (ELB installed in plane)
        Various other parts I forget

        "Loose items"
        Cowl plugs and pitot cover
        Plane cover [for winter only] +1.2kg (2.5lbs)

        I use the rear seat to anchor all this stuff. The boxes go under the seat, and bag goes behind the seat with a bungee cord holding it in place. I can confirm this is crash-worthy...
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          This is what I came up with, might not be the biggest tool box but it should handle the basic stuff.


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            There is lots of space behind the baggage bulkhead. I have a 7" round CF tube for long stuff up high, and I guess I would like to mount the tools back there too. Should also help with FWD CG when I am light.


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              Great suggestions so far!

              I found this video from a Bonanza A-36 driver. Not exactly in our germane, but similar.

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              Rob Caldwell
              Davidson, North Carolina
              EAA Chapter 309
              BH Model B Quick Build Kit Serial # 11B-24B / 25B
              Build Log:
              YouTube Channel: