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Gascolator location

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  • Gascolator location

    I plumbed my fuel system a cpl years ago but just this week finished the bottom skin. Is it normal for the gascolator to protrude through the bottom skin? I had just planned on the quick drain but as you can see I'm through about half a inch. Any problems w this or should I fabricate a cover? I mounted it and the fuel valve to existing brackets on my QB fuse.
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    I don't see why it needs a cover. If it protuded further I would make an aerodynamic fairing. I had to get creative with the location to avoid that.


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      I would give it a bit more clearance and fab a cover. If anything to keep it clean from exhaust/belly oil that always seems to accumulate and any dirt that may get kicked up in there. Quick drain would just poke through the cover. It would help from getting exhaust fumes in the cockpit too.


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        You put something on the top of your gascolator that makes it taller from top to bottom. If you removed that it wight be all inside the boot cowl like it is really supposed to be. Mark


        • interstate al
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          I'm not sure why I did that Mark? Maybe for ease of mounting or plumbing? I'll take a look tomorrow when I'm in my shop. Like many of my decisions sometimes I don't see very far down the road! I see I also spaced my valve up the thickness of the tube that the valve plate is welded too. Were these plates relocated to the top on later kits?
          Thanks for the reply's!

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        Here is my mounting in the Patrol. I think if your C-Channel were welded on the top of the tube you might have sufficient clearance so just the drain of the gascolator sticks out of the boot cowl. As Mark says it looks like you have an additional spacer on top of your gascolator. I do as well but possibly not quite as thick.



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          I'll measure my spacer and see if removing it will make the difference? I hate to grind and weld but certainly can if necessary. Both your channel and valve plate are welded to the top and both of mine came on the bottom. Thank you for the pic and insight!


          • Rollie
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            Mine came mounted on the bottom too. I know I moved the one for the fuel valve to the top but can't remember if I moved both. I looked through all my build pics and it looks like I only moved the flat piece that the fuel valve mounts to up to the top, the channel that the gascolator mounts to appears to still be mounted on the bottom and only the drain valve protrudes through the bottom skin on my Patrol. I think the Patrol and LSA are the same dimensions in this area, but I'm not sure.
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          Hi Al, I have my gascolator directly behind my fuel shut off valve. That puts it in the deepest part of the belly curve. As far as I know I have never seen one mounted the far off to the side. Was there a reason for mounting it over that far? Just curious.



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            20201115_101940.jpg David, Its been three years since I did this plumbing, was thinking only two but I think I moved it left so I would have a straight shot to the firewall bulkhead corner? If that makes any sense to you?

            Spinning, I spaced the gascolator down in order to keep my valve plate flat on the floor. Thinking now that I will remove the spacer and move both it and valve up that distance which should give me adequate clearance on the bottom skin. And will fabricate a small riser to support the valve plate. I did read where Bob mentions add a aluminum blister if the gascolator is to low.
            Thanks again!
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