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Ribs: Buy or build?

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  • Ribs: Buy or build?

    I'm looking at getting a nice bonus at work next week and it'll cover buying the wing ribs from Mark. It seems like building the ribs is the big hangup for many builders, so I'm thinking just buying them all done would save me significant time. Good idea? Bad? Why? Please help me make a decision.
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    Bought the rib and spar kit plus a few odds and ends over the years. Hate making ribs. Never looked back. Related my reasoning to a near by hard core 4 place scratch builder and a year later he received the rib and spar kit which he says shaved off a year of building. If you enjoy building ribs, have at her. If you don’t then fast forward your build and order a set.


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      I would buy, but if you decide to build I have most of the tooiing for the ribs that I will lend you. The form blocks and router fixtures are very accurate.
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        Reckon it depends on how much your time is worth. Can’t go wrong with that kit. For me, ribs were fun. The spar is where most get hung up and stall, myself included. Any head start is a good thing
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          I believe I have a local metal shop that can bend the spars for me. I think their press brake is about 12' and they have many different dies for it, just need to call them and see what radius they can do...

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        I just got some from Mark last month. They look great,. No regrets


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          If it's a question of whether or not you would thoroughly enjoy the process, borrow someone's equipment and try making a couple.

          If it's a question of money, buy them from Mark. Yes the initial cost is more, but I could have shaved years off my build by getting a part time job and saving up for the kit.


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            As the other guys said how valuable is your time to you? Mark sells a great kit with all the spars and ribs for the wings and the ailerons.