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Companion plans now available

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  • Companion plans now available

    Bob asked me to post here that he has finished up the Companion plans. Bob had another surgery on his foot last Thursday, and for a couple weeks before that he could not put any weight on his foot. So he used that time to finish up the plans. $310 for a set postage included to USA.

    Bob has not returned home yet since the surgery. He is at his lady friend Diana's house. If anyone wants a set, I suggest writing a letter and including your check. Mark

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    Great news, I think the Companion will be very popular.


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      Great news Mark Goldberg ,

      A great addition to the Bearhawk fleet. I look forward to your next advance.

      Merry Christmas,
      Jonathan and Niki


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        Mark, are you talking about sending a letter and check to the Virginia address? Im just asking because you stated he was a a friends house.


        • Mark Goldberg
          Mark Goldberg commented
          Editing a comment
          Send the letter and check to Bob's house and you will receive the plans. Mark