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Model 5 factory progress

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  • Model 5 factory progress

    I thought y'all might enjoy seeing some pics from the factory where they are progressing nicely on the Model 5 QB kits. Here are pics of the new style one piece main spar cap strips on a spar. The have already finished riveted one wing using the new style main spar, and it is proving to be a good time saver freeing up the spar guys to help with some other tasks.

    The first fuselage has emerged from the big jig. They have located the wing attach fittings on the upper longeron, done the new engine mount, have tacked the L/G in place, and the tail surfaces are largely done. Of course for them the task is not just making the parts. At the same time they are making the tooling to reproduce them.

    The second fuselage is about finish welded and ready to come out of the big jig. So they are getting there. Still not finished but getting closer.

    I was surprised when Bob said he would not release plans until the factory had finished this first batch of kits. But he was 100% correct in that decision as it turns out. There has been a lot of back and forth between the factory and Bob which will result in better plans when he does release them. Bob understood these guys have made close to 300 fuselages of his designs, and they would see things in the plans and make observations which would be useful. That has happened for sure. Model 5 QB kits - coming to an airport near you soon. Mark
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    Great to see—thanks Mark


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      Excellent progress update, it's very reassuring to hear how skilled this dedicated factory team (family team) have become at their trade.


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        impressive to say the least! Major progress in a short time.


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          Any updates? Anything will do, I'm in love with this plane! haha


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            A little update for everyone:

            The first fuselage will probably go to sandblast and paint today or tomorrow. The workers at the factory have been mostly on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fuselages welding in the parts that we think are already "proven". The wing guys are way ahead due to the new style spar caps that save them about 6 man days to make a main spar. Compared to the way it is done on the plans.

            We did make the decision to weld on all the Model 5 kits the rear float attach fittings. Bob looked at the the tubing on the plans and had my workers replace 3 tubes with .035 to .049 wall tubes. So he would be sure they would take the load of the rear float attach. And we are also welding in small mount to attach a ventral fin on the belly which most float planes seem to need. It is something that is hidden when fabric is on the belly. Unlike the float attach fittings which will stick out on the lower longerons. While most of these planes will likely NOT go on floats - having the ability to mount floats seems like a good idea. Very little extra weight is added with these parts welded on.

            Interest has been very strong in the new Model 5. Lots of calls and emails. Deposits are in hand for all four being built now. Next availability is likely February/March when the next batch should be finished. We are a little late getting this first batch done. Things like adding the float fittings and ventral fin attach all take time to work out and install on the kits. A number of things are different on the Model 5 that the factory workers had to deal with. It has been fun actually communicating between them and Bob. They did find several things in the draft plans that will be corrected and detailed better in the plans after building these fuselages. Bob will likely be releasing plans relatively soon.

            As far as changes from the prototype Model 5 to what we will be delivering in the kits - a few things. The prototype has a flat lexan skylight all the way across. The kits will have the same ceiling as the new Model B kits that can have skylights or fabric. The other changes involve the seats. After having a 6'4" guy sit in the prototype - I saw the need for some additional aft travel of the front seats. 2". Will make a big difference for the extra tall guys. The rear seat (actually the middle seat) will be moved forward from its position on the prototype I think 8" or so. The most aft bench seat (5th & 6th seats) is also finished and set in its position. There is about 14" aft of this most rear seat to the bulkhead at the back of the baggage compartment.

            Guess that is about it. When the first fuselage is finish painted I will post some pics. Mark


            • RobinDeMarco
              RobinDeMarco commented
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              Mark, will the plans show the position of where the middle seats are now in the prototype? No need for a 6 seater, but having miles of leg room for rear seat pax and lots of storage would be nice.

            • JohnBergt
              JohnBergt commented
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              Yippie for looking out for us tall guys. I'm 6'4" and a lot of my height is in my torso, so I appreciate headroom.

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            Well done! I’d give my first born to have 14” behind my 3rd row. But then I wouldn’t need a 3rd row I suppose.

            What’s the leg room like with the seats position like that? Can each row fit adults or just kids?
            Scratch Built 4-place Bearhawk. Continental IO-360, 88” C203 McCauley prop.


            • Mark Goldberg
              Mark Goldberg commented
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              The space between the middle seat and the front seats will be about what exists now in our 4 place kits. The most aft seats will have a little less room but still adequate. For sure the smaller people should go farther aft.. MG

            • Westward_Flyer
              Westward_Flyer commented
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              Your comment gave me a good laugh!

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            Any idea how long the Model 5 fuselage frame will be when taken out of the packaged kit? I’m remodeling my workshop to accommodate the project. I’m guessing the overall length is 25’6”?