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Model 5 factory progress

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  • Model 5 factory progress

    I thought y'all might enjoy seeing some pics from the factory where they are progressing nicely on the Model 5 QB kits. Here are pics of the new style one piece main spar cap strips on a spar. The have already finished riveted one wing using the new style main spar, and it is proving to be a good time saver freeing up the spar guys to help with some other tasks.

    The first fuselage has emerged from the big jig. They have located the wing attach fittings on the upper longeron, done the new engine mount, have tacked the L/G in place, and the tail surfaces are largely done. Of course for them the task is not just making the parts. At the same time they are making the tooling to reproduce them.

    The second fuselage is about finish welded and ready to come out of the big jig. So they are getting there. Still not finished but getting closer.

    I was surprised when Bob said he would not release plans until the factory had finished this first batch of kits. But he was 100% correct in that decision as it turns out. There has been a lot of back and forth between the factory and Bob which will result in better plans when he does release them. Bob understood these guys have made close to 300 fuselages of his designs, and they would see things in the plans and make observations which would be useful. That has happened for sure. Model 5 QB kits - coming to an airport near you soon. Mark

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    Great to see—thanks Mark


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      Excellent progress update, it's very reassuring to hear how skilled this dedicated factory team (family team) have become at their trade.


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        impressive to say the least! Major progress in a short time.