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Things to see east of the Rockies?

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    Winter set Iowa is the birth place of John Wayne. The home where he was born and a small museum. Also three early wooden covered bridges.
    Springfield Illinois is the home of the Lincoln museum and home. A great experience.

    The Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum are worth the effort to see. The kids will appreciate both activities.
    There are on line summaries of each of these activities to help you determine if they would be a priority for you. Of these I rank the Ark Encounter and the Creation museum very high.


    • #17 If it’s still going this might help. I was a founding member long time ago and used it for a trip from FL to BC as part of the trip planning. Between the EAA, the Zenair CH-701 community and this air camping tool it turned into a great trip. But like I said, haven’t looked at it close in years, mainly because it’s pretty useless on the Canadian side. Happy Air Camping!


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        That air camping map is really cool. No doubt it will be helpful on future trips.

        Unfortunately, we decided we will have to delay this trip for a while. This may seem silly to some but our family dog is getting too old to leave for an extended period of time and he is way too big to bring with us. I'm continuing with the planning so I'll just have to dust off the notes and we'll be ready to roll. I sincerely appreciate all the ideas you guys shared.
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