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iron for fabric work

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  • iron for fabric work

    Bob asked me to post this message about an iron that he got for fabric work that he really likes. The owner will give a discount to Bearhawk builders. The pics here show how to find the vendor. Mark Bob's iron.jpgBob's iron2.jpg

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    I use a fabric pro iron too. Best one I’ve ever had. Although I still like my 1950s GE.


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      Good to know. Stewart Systems also recommends the same iron.

      Rob Caldwell
      Lake Norman Airpark (14A), North Carolina
      EAA Chapter 309
      Model B Quick Build Kit Serial # 11B-24B / 25B
      YouTube Channel:
      1st Flight May 18, 2021


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        I have been using this iron. The house hold iron can be left in the basement.

        Using a digital IR thermometer, I could see where my household iron heating element was located because it was up to 50F hotter over a 4 inch area in the center than the edges. The thermostat would also cycle 25 to 40 degrees F from my selected temp...I actually had to "call my setting the max temp the thermostat hit....and it would vary. (How can you set a temp when it acts like this?

        The Fabric Pro iron has almost a 3/4 inch AL base which transmits heat al over the base like I always wished I had. I can set the temp to a specific temp and then watch the actual temp indicate to the degree. The household iron is unsuitable for fabric work. Instructions and video that mention it as an option is outdated.
        Brooks Cone
        Southeast Michigan
        Patrol #303, Kit build


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          I got the fabric pro from Stewart Systems. It’s fantastic.
          Starting year 3 of my 2 year project!