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Revisiting the 8-foot brake discussion

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  • Revisiting the 8-foot brake discussion

    Obviously there has been a lot of past discussion regarding the need for an 8-foot brake to bend the spar flanges for scratch build wings. The realty is that 8-feet is not enough for the Patrol or Model B wings because of the longer flap spars (8.8 feet).

    I am considering having a precision metal fabrication shop in Spokane bend my spar blanks for me (waiting for the quote...). They have a CNC brake but it turns out it maxes out at 8-feet. However the ends of the brake are not confined.

    I met with the shop yesterday to get the quote and one ideas they suggested was to bend the longer flap spars flanges in two separate segments. They indicated that they could make a small perpendicular cut across the 'flange to-be' before bending, then bend the two split segments separately, to then be following by a small TIG weld repair of the cut!!!

    When I first heard this I said "ABSOLUTELY NOT!!" But maybe this is not such a bad idea!?!? Done correctly the weld should be just fine! The cut could be strategically placed and staggered from one side to the next.

    If this approach could be acceptable... perhaps it could be used on the other spars if an 8-foot brake is not readily available...???

    Thoughts? ...let the discussion begin....
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    No welding allowed on the heat treated 2024... But it sounds like you have a good shop willing to help get the job done.


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      A splice done in accordance with AC43.13 is the first solution that comes to my mind.
      Brooks Cone
      Southeast Michigan
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        Buy them from Mark, starting with factory webs is like starting with a really good foundation for a house. However if you have built your ribs, the factory webs might not fit. If so, keep looking for a 10' brake. I'm over in Seattle and we have lots of resourses. You might try over here.
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