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Bearhawk on National Public Radio!

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  • Bearhawk on National Public Radio!

    Jared Yates is perhaps too modest to start this thread, but he and Tabitha were featured in a piece on NPR. It caught my attention when I heard a report about a Bearhawk flying into the temporarily-dormant Charlotte-Douglas airport in Charlotte, NC.

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    Famous they are! I was in a noisy environment when I heard it, couldn't understand a word Jared said but Tabitha was clear.


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      Link to a recording of the broadcast.
      Colby Osborn
      Mullen/Lincoln Nebraska
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        Thanks guys, I didn't realize it had gone national! The local reporter aired on the local station last week, and I thought he did a really great job.


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          Here's the video as referenced in the NPR interview. I just think this is so great!

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          Rob Caldwell
          Davidson, North Carolina
          EAA Chapter 309
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            That was pretty cool. Really strange to see empty roads and skies...
            Jim Parker
            Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
            Patrol Quick-Build Serial # P312


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              That was awesome, thanks for linking the video as well Rob. It’s weird to see CLT so empty and very cool to see it from the Bearhawk’s perspective! Speaking of national news, Flying Magazine just posted this about the new Bearhawk Five “6 place”! (Bearhawk Six perhaps ; )?!