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Extended Baggage Area for Patrol

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  • Extended Baggage Area for Patrol

    It was mentioned in another thread that the Patrol area of the forum has been lacking some activity. So let me contribute....

    I kind of like some aspects of the much inferior Super Cub, and am a little jealous of an extended Baggage area that some are installing in that aircraft. The area behind the Patrol's baggage area, between stations F-G is 29 inches deep. It has a big V separating it from the baggage area. The flap cable junction plate and hardware is at the big V. Also, the elevator push-pull tube penetrates the bottom aft portion of the floor.

    Despite those obstacles, It seems like something could be done with all that space to stow sleeping bags, fishing rods, position the lower unit of a small O.B Boat Motor. The Cub Crafter extended baggage accommodates 20 pounds. Has anyone else thought about it?
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    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
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    I’m definitely planning on adding some form of extended baggage to my flying patrol. My initial thought was to add it to the location that you mention, above the V where the cables intersect, I already have an access door built into this area. This compartment would be limited by the depth of the compartment aft of the rear bulkhead. Initially, I thought a carbon fiber or sheet metal tube extending back to the next station aft would be my solutiion. It’s only 29” (right?) which results in most stowed items extending forward into the baggage compartment behind the rear seat. This can be avoided by building the compartment to extend even further back into the empennage. Either way, with the tube mounted up high, above the V, you have a projectile that could be a potential issue. Maybe a good net could mitigate this problem.

    Alternatively, the compartment could be built on the floor level of the baggage compartment which allows you to stow longer items by storing the aft 29” of the item in the tube and the remaining length on the floor of the baggage compartment. This is how I had my C180 configured and it was perfect. You can stow heavier items and you don’t have the “projectile” issue. The problem with the Patrol in this configuration is that you would probably have to remove the rear seat every time you wanted to load or unload the item, depending on the cargo. Not a problem, but not ideal.

    Currently, my plan is to do the latter, install a tube down the right side of the empennage on the level of the baggage compartment’s floor. This tube will be notched for the starboard rudder cables so there is no conflict and I will have to relocate one of my static ports. As for rear seat removal, based on past experience, the frequency of this compartment’s use of an item that requires both the tube and the baggage floor will be low (and the seat is extremely easy to remove anyway).

    These are my thoughts, I would love to hear alternatives. What are you doing, planning on doing, have done?

    thanks, Mike


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      I would look at putting a pod underneath


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        I know of one Patrol builder that is making a cargo pod for underneath. A lightweight tube extending aft has been done on several 4 place Bearhawks. It would seem that a tube could be secured well enough that it would not become a projectile as Mike mentioned. There is already a fairly big cargo area in the Patrol. But if you need or want more there are couple ways to approach it. Mark


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          I did this extension for my tie down kit and tool bag. It goes back about 29 " and is made from sheet aluminum. I was going to make a longer tube up higher between the V for a rifle, but haven't made it yet. I have decided to make it bigger, which will require a bigger, rectangular shaped door than the door that I already have there. I'm going to make it big enough for my tent. I could just take a smaller tent but I like the big tent that I have that is too big to fit in the baggage area (too tall to even stand in the back) It will easily connect to the fuselage tubing on top of the frame and hang in there. I don't think I'm even going to connect it to the bulkhead. There might be a half inch or so gap in between the front of the compartment I'm going to make and the bulkhead wall but that's on, nothing I'm going to put in there can escape through that gap. It will go back 48" into the tail and will be 10" X 12". I will have to get back in there again to see which way it will have to mount but I'm thinking 12" tall by 10" wide. I was going to order sheet metal to make it out of the other day but the shipping on the aprox $40 piece of metal was going to be close to $100. I'll have to find a local source. The one local place I know only goes as thin as .032 and I want to go lighter, like .025, plus they don't even know what type of aluminum it is.
          Rollie VanDorn
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