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Gas Struts

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  • Gas Struts

    I'm looking for a source and advise for gas struts. I'm thinking I want 5, 2 each for the seaplane doors and one to hold the rear passenger door open. Mcmaster has a good selection but the minimum closing force for any of them is 15 pounds. My doors are carbon compostite, rear passenger door weight is 3 1/2 pounds, seems like a 15 pound strut is excessive. Have not completed the seaplane doors yet but I am estimating 8 pounds. I'm thinking two struts to avoid flexing so that would be 30 pound force for closing. Maybe that is about right.

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    I've usually shopped on ebay for the gas struts. I don't think you want to base your lifting force on the weight of the door though, because it will lack the mechanical advantage of the full height of the door. I think some experimenting is in order


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      Amazon is there we got out struts I think. Jared is right on lifting force. We experimented rather than did math. Our rear passenger door would benefit from a lighter strut but the 40lb strut holds the door open nicely when the wind is blowing. Our seaplane doors aren’t heavy, 10lbs SWAG, and I think we have one 30lb strut on each. A 35lb would likely be better.
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        Hey Rod...this is what gas strut I used:

        And these ends:

        I have acorn nuts for the ball ends for safety...rounded ends. The struts seem to work just great. If I ever need to change them they are cheap enough to play with. I may even need to go a bit stronger.

        The youtube video mentioned at the end has more to do with how I positioned the tabs than the door or struts.

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          Patrol #30



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            McMaster Carr has a nice selection but the lightest weight is 15 pounds.


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              I bought my gas struts on Amazon. Went through several sets before I got it right.
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