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  • Hey Guys, finally got a 3 day weekend away from work, so got some progress, I got a window frame made and the hinges made for it. so here are the pics. The tubes with the safety wire are how I build the hinges. I think I read about this in the experimenter or somewhere. I have the tubes safety wired to hold them together while I weld them. Once they are tacked the wire is removed and its finished welded. I have a hard time with these typed of hinges but I think this is going to work out good. I have them positioned on the window frame and the fuse are ready to weld them.


    • Hi Guys, more progress today, got another window and a door done. Still have to put the aluminum and plexiglass on them. Hope you like the pics.


      • Hey Guys, A little more progress to report today, I got the forms for the instrument panel and the fire wall made today. Fabricated the instrument panel and have the fire wall blank cut out so Ill fab it tomorrow. Ill have pics when I get the both done. I was in a vehicle accident as the end of July so Im just now getting back to building. Im all better now but was down for awhile. I hope all is well with everyone.


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          Vehicle accident in South Africa? - shocker - hardly ever happens ...... Glad you've recovered

      • Thanks Paul. If you have 91 year old men driving around in 30ft motor homes at a high speed you better watch out!!!