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Canadian Bearhawk Trek

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  • Canadian Bearhawk Trek

    Hi All,
    Attached a couple pics of the TREK build. Wings are built and fuselage is in the rotisserie. For those of you that are unaware of it, it's the Canadian version of the LSA. It has a gross weight of 1232 and can be flown by any one with an ultralight pilots license. To clarify, it is the LSA, but in Canada, any aircraft built "light enough" , with a gross weight of 1232lbs complies. Were working with ULPower on a complete firewall forward package that will be offered to Bearhawk customers. It will include the130HP UL350IS engine, Whirlwind 3 blade prop, new motor mount, spinner and nose bowl. The UL350IS is 130hp and ends up 35lb lighter than the 100hp O-200. Other benefits of the UL is the single lever full FADEC and fuel injection. Will keep you all posted on the progress.
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    A friend has the same engine in the Zenith 750 he completed a year ago. After flying with him I figured that would be a great engine for the LSA and what I would use if building one. The fact that you are doing a firewall forward package makes it a very attractive option. I know a couple other pilots using the engine and they are all very happy with them.


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      This is going to be awesome. Your post here made me actually look in to that ul350 engine. I had thought it was geared for some reason. It is definitely direct drive.

      Keep the pictures coming.


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        Probably because they make their power at rather high rpm. 3300-3500 for the rated power. You'd be limited to a 62-66 inch prop. Maybe 4 or 5 blades to get power to the air with such short blades.
        They kind of need a gearbox.

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      It looks like you have put some thought into your rotisserie. Nice.
      How are you going to run your fuel system? Does the UL engine have fuel rails like cars have, or used to have? Or a fuel manifold, like SDS uses. I have heard of the engines, but don't know much about them. I think they are fairly standard multi-point EFI.
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        What diameter is the prop you have lined up?

        What is the benefit of ultralight vs amateur built in Canada? Is it the medical mostly or am i missing something?