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six seats of Model 5

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  • six seats of Model 5

    Six seater Model 5.jpg

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    Are we there yet??


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      That pic is clutch Mark! Having that amount of baggage space behind the 3rd row makes all the difference in usability of the airplane even though it isn’t a lot of space. The BH5 is the airplane I wanted when I was looking.
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      • zkelley2
        zkelley2 commented
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        Just have to build another!

      • whee
        whee commented
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        I’d have to sell my BH to fund the project. Then my wife would know how much the plane was worth and she’d make me pay off the house rather than build another plane. Plus, by the time I was done I wouldn’t need a 5-place anymore. My BH appears to have similar leg room so if can figure a baggage solution I should be set.

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      The plane is exciting to me also. Another suggestion might be to split the rear bench into two seats. One seat could be removed and allow 5 passengers and use the area for additional cargo in place of a passenger. Looking forward to seeing the plane at Oshkosh.


      • Mark Goldberg
        Mark Goldberg commented
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        We originally were going to do just what you suggest Bob. But it added more than a little complication as far as the individual seats themselves and how to attach them. So we went with a bench type 5th & 6th seats. Mark

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      I just want one to go camping with my wife, and bring all the usual stuff plus the folding chairs, fire wood, a 48 qt ice chest, charcoal and my cast iron Dutch Oven to cook Garlic Rosemary whole Chicken. I for got about the mountain bikes. I think they would fit too.
      Brooks Cone
      Southeast Michigan
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      • davzLSA
        davzLSA commented
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        You could probably get the bath tub in there too!!!!

      • zkelley2
        zkelley2 commented
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        If it's just you and the wife, the 4 place will haul everything you mentioned. And more.

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      Originally posted by Mark Goldberg View Post
      Which one of them was in charge of making airplane noises...? (I’m guessing the boy up front)


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        I think the kid in the back is contemplating re-engineering the door latch mechanism.
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