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  • Elevator Travel

    Post #7 on this thread points out that the elevator travel for the Bearhawk Companion is 35 degrees instead of 30 degrees. A comment by Mark Goldberg says "Bob had us increase the elevator up to more than 30 degrees on all the models."

    My plans for the Patrol says 30 degrees. Did I miss a change someplace? What precipitated the change?
    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
    Patrol #303, Kit build

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    Bob just thought we ought to give it a little more up travel. On all the models. It is not critical to do this on your plane Brooks. The worst case scenario is BIG guy alone in the front seat with very forward CG. That BIG guy is not you.

    But if there was an adjustment to achieve a little more than 30 degrees up travel it would be fine to do it. Mark


    • Bcone1381
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      Thanks Mark

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    Although keep in mind, I think you are creating the same scenario by being low on fuel. I have found on occasion when I have been low on fuel and trying to do a full stall landing I run out of elevator before I get there. We are experimenting with VG's on the horizontal stab to help correct this.


    • Chewie
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      Somehow I thought you always did wheelies? Now I know why.

    • Flygirl1
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      Chewie, I did in the Citabria, but having flown a few thousand hours without flaps, still getting used to using them and for some reason I have not mastered the perfect wheelie in the Patrol. Also 3 point full stalls are almost effortless in this plane.

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    My kit was delivered about 18 months ago. The control horns are mechanically limited at about 35 degrees. Seems like a degree or two shy of that, but maybe I am not measuring it from the correct place. The control horns hit a tube at that point. I don't know about older kits.