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  • Mother Nature

    After a very nice afternoon flying with my grandson James, I sat in my hanger drinking a beer looking south as I watched one little white cloud dissipate , the date is March 21, 2020 only one contrail heading north at 30,000 the sky is crying, the USA is in lock down. Take Care Stinger

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    Yep tough times indeed. At work we’ve got more than 120 jets parked up, the company running at 4% of the normal schedule and home quarantine for many of us that have crossed borders. It’s not much fun at all.


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      For those of us stuck at home - an excellent opportunity to get some progress done on our airplane projects. Mark


      • Chewie
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        I was thinking the same thing, until I realized it's priming time and I look at my respirator and rubber gloves!

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      Half way moved to Washington. The RV-7 and Patrol are stuck in California with my tools. Absolutely no building progress
      Scott Ahrens
      Bearhawk Patrol Plans Built


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        I wish I was stuck building my project but got stuck instead in Phuket. I decided 6 weeks ago not to be the idiot patient zero to bring it to Washington State. Somebody beat me too it.

        Restaurants are open, but that is it.

        Good luck to us all. And everybody, everywhere.


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          We're running at 150%. Not enough airframes or pilots to move everything. Rates are 5x what they were 2 months ago. Only significant problems we're having is watching what countries are banning people that have been to other countries as to not get a crew quarantined. Also it's been difficult to position with all the airline cancellations. So we're taking delays not being able to get a crew to a jet.