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Brake Line Gear Transition

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  • Brake Line Gear Transition

    I'm working the belly panel and figuring how I'll attach the panel under the door, but I can't see a good way to route the brake line. How have other folks done it?


    Dave B.

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    Dave, this is what I have done. It’s the best I could come up with after SEVERAL iterations.
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      My brake lines to through where the front hinge is. Need to be near the hinge to ensure they don't move too much and stress the system when in use, but they also need to stay out of the way of the fairings. I used the soft-covered lines (the black ones with rubber insides) so they can just rub against the metal without any worry.


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        I can’t find any pics of how we did ours and a description probably won’t help much but I’ll try.

        All our brake lines are pre-made AN4 braided SS hoses from Summit. We used a 45* bulkhead fitting at the top of the gear leg that points toward the center of the airplane. The brake like enters through the belly skin and is covered with a RV rudder cable fairing.
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          Thanks guys. I might have to go to a 45* bulkhead fitting but I'll have to finish the belly/under door skin wrap to be sure. The forward cutout seems the easiest.

          This is my 2nd iteration too, took the opportunity to switch to SS PTFE from the rubber aeroquip.
          Dave B.


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            Dave, mine are similar to AKKens above. You can see two bulkhead holes in my photo where I originally had bulkhead AN fittings (now lightening holes), but removed them after installing the Park Brake on the same bulkhead. This works well and the fittings are now 90 degrees to original. The fitting on top of my gear legs face forward as yours do. This gives a short flexible brake line. Sorry - I disassembled everything today (in the rain!) so don’t have that flexible brake line in place for a pic.

            Left side looking forward:

            Looking aft at PB valve beside gascolator:


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            Nev Bailey
            Christchurch, NZ


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              Mine are a bit like Nev's - but further out board. My airframe has a vertical tab there, and so I used that along with a small L-bracket and a p-clamp to support the tube. Then a rubber grommet through the alumunium bulkhead at station B. I had steel braided teflon lines, and I put two layers of shrinkwrap where it transitions through the bulkhead.

              Then from the bulkhead, it snakes around to the 90degree bulkhead elbow, oriented N/S in line with the gear. I'm not flying yet, and I'm also not sure how this tube will exit the fabric.

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