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Tell us what you did today on your Bearhawk Project

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  • I was planning to put in the LH main tank today, but I discovered that one of the upper straps has been made too short, and my tank cover won't sit flush :-/
    Luckily I inherited a lot of spare strap material, so it's time to make my first tank strap woo hoo!

    It's been raining pretty hard here, so during showers I've been stuck inside planning the cockpit fit-out. Today I was researching the ICS wiring - I think I'll just make up 4 drop leads with TP-120 type plugs, and cable tie the leads to the fuselage. Easy to install, no panel-mounted sockets to vibrate loose, and saves me from having to manage two different headset jacks...

    The Bob Barrows Bearhawk: "It's big like a Boeing... but better built."


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      You could also just cut the two verticals and extend them. It took me several tries to make a good strap.