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    I learned to fly in a Citab, and have done some instruction in them and a Pacer. With that limited experience in the new tailwheel pilot category I definitely recommend the Citabria. Mark sold me on the BH by comparing its handling to a Citabria (“but sportier”). Frankly I think they are great for everything any 2 person plane could be - except carrying much. They don’t carry much at all. The Pacer would be more of a trial by fire - going from one to the other I was amazed at the difference, but it would force you to get good fast, and if you want a 4 place BH, the side-by-side seating would be nice to transition.


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      I was going to use the same points to draw a different conclusion. My first airplane was a Pacer and I feel everything I have flown since then has been easier. I personally prefer it that way, vs knowing that my endorsement was given in an easier airplane. Plus, Pacers are relatively cheap to buy/maintain and are great for carrying stuff relatively fast. That said, a Citabria is more fun to fly to me. All these are are my opinions and worth every penny you spent on them!

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    Here is what I did yesterday with a Nose wheel aircraft.

    Now some will go on about this is what they call an airport

    I see it as my job to find the safest best gravel bar and the big wheels are mainly to help if I miss judge and the bar is softer than expected -- sometimes only softer bars are above water.

    Remember we usually land close to gross weight so my customers get what they pay for. We are always heavy.

    One benefit of the Nose wheel aircraft is that with a 8.50 on the nose and 26 on the mains it has way more flotation than even a baby bush wheel on the tail the downside is if it does dig in you

    usually have damage. If the tailwheel digs in its not a big deal just stop there and unload.

    A certified BH5 would be just what I need unfortunately that will never happen.

    I included a few pics for inspiration to get flying.
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