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Engine and prop cable brackets

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  • Engine and prop cable brackets

    I was going to start making brackets to hold the ends of the engine and prop control cables and realized lots of other folks have gone down the same path. A quick check on Van's web store found their solution. Any reason not to use them? I am using a cu5000 governor instead of the Hartzell.

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    I used the vans bracket for the throttle and mixture. It was a little too long which is better than being a little too short.


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      I picked up my throttle and mixture cable bracket from Airflow Performance, since my engine is equipped with their FI system. The prop control control bracket came with the RV-10 FWF kit I am using, which also includes the control cables (vernier prop and mixture).
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        i think the governor you're using might matter regarding if their prop cable bracket works. Van's sells the MT and Harztell S series.

        I built the bracket for the hartzell governor that came on the engine I bought, but never checked to make sure the governor was the right one. It's not... so I'm going back and forth on which governor to go to. Stay the old hartzell style with the teardrop like I have or get a new Czech/PCU5000 one and re-route the cable and build a new bracket or take a chance on the van's bracket and maybe save a few hours of fabrication.
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          On second thought, I didn't use a Vans FWF kit, just cooling tin. Too many variables. I will just roll my own.