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IO-580 Cost

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  • IO-580 Cost

    Does anyone know what the cost of one of these will be?

    The closest thing I can find looking around is $138,750! :eek:

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    I know the cylinders are ridiculously expensive. There are a lot of light twins sitting around rotting away. I would think a lot of those have the bigger case that you might be able to rebuild with normal angle valve cylinders for at least 300 hp. The difference in price might be pretty dramatic for the extra 15 hp.


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      There are also a lot of big Continentals out there. I have seen quite a few good deals on 520-550s. I think the Lyc 580 has a lot of competition out there.
      I will pay up for lighter. I will also pay up for more power. But I do associate a dollar figure with both.

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    I believe the cost of a new IO580 will be less than half of the number you mention if purchased through Bearhawk for your Model 5 QB kit. I think the IO540 angle valve will be the most popular option but that is just a guess. When you order a kit I am happy to get firm pricing for you and help you buy. Mark


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      Does the IO580 gain the extra displacement by longer stroke or larger bore diameter? It's not hard to boost a parallel valve 540 to 300 HP, so I bet an angle valve 540 could be safely modified past 315HP. Lycon's CNC intake port work gains 5hp/cylinder verified by dyno.


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        Same stroke, larger bore. 5.319 vs 5.125.