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  • Insurance

    Just curious what others have experienced with insurance, specifically for the 4-place. A friend of mine has a Glasair III with a hull value of about $150K. His insurance runs about $2,500/yr. I just received a quote of $5,500/yr for a Bearhawk 4-place 260hp. (I have 800hrs TT with 100 tailwheel - Commercial, Instrument, CFI). The quote is from Air Capital, the same company that covers my friends GIII. It seems to me that the BH is a much safer and reliable aircraft compared to a GIII. Are the rest of you paying $5,500/yr to cover your BH 4-place?
    Rob Caldwell, EAA Chapter 309
    Davidson, North Carolina
    BH Model B Quick Build Kit Serial # 11B-24B / 25B
    Build Log:

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    I have received high quotes like that. I found that EAA had the best quote at far less.


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      2000-4000 is more in line with what I have heard in the past.


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        I thought retractable gear doubled or quadrupled rates.


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          Try Parrish O-Neil. 740-397-6737. They are a broker in Ohio and always seem to have very good rates. I had my Pacer insured with them and now my Patrol. When I got my Pacer I didn't have any tailwheel time and yet my premiums were less than a lot of the higher time guys on the short wing Piper forum.
          I'm paying less than half of what you got quoted to insure my Patrol. Now I do have a little more time than you listed and an ATP. They used to say 1500 hours was the magic number for insurance to get affordable, but I don't know if that's still true.
          Rollie VanDorn
          Zanesville, OH
          Patrol Quick Build


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            I hadn't thought about an upcharge for not having a training wheel up front. Makes sense I guess. I am going to have to learn how to fly without one as well.