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Tailwheel Steering Connections

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  • Tailwheel Steering Connections

    Just curious what other are using for their tailwheel steering connectors? (Please post some pics if you have them). The 4 Place manuals suggest the Maule Anti-Shimmy Connector set.

    What works best?
    Rob Caldwell
    Davidson, North Carolina
    EAA Chapter 309
    BH Model B Quick Build Kit Serial # 11B-24B / 25B
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    I don't have a photo handy, but I use tension springs rather than compression springs. I hook the springs directly into the tailwheel arm, though over time they do wear the holes a little. I've seen a few installations where folks bolt an eye bolt, or an AN115 shackle. I do add safety wire to the hooks on the springs, because I have had them come loose when the wheel shimmies.


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      The normal tension springs are recommended instead of the compression type springs that go hard once they are fully compressed. Mark


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        Rob, was the Maule recommendation in the Kit Builder Manual at If you remember where, I can update it.


        • robcaldwell
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          It's in both manuals. AviPro and Eric Newton's. I'm having trouble searching Bearhawk.Tips. Could be in there as well.

        • jaredyates
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          I couldn't find it with a search at, which is not to say it isn't there. But the KBM there is the updated version of the Avipro manuals, which have been superseded.

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        I tried both styles and the tension springs worked better, the compression spring restricted movement too much.
        Shimmy is a function of caster angle, you need positive caster when loaded


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          • Bcone1381
            Bcone1381 commented
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            I like that pictorial. And what can make the castor angle change? A heavy load, or more weight on the tail during landing roll, or holding the stick back in my lap when taxiing fast, or a tail spring that is worn out or needs to re-adjusted.