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    We saw the posting regarding the long delay on our shipment of James' order which included AN822-6D fittings. We have had these on order with the manufacturer for several months and they are long overdue. We were recently able to locate an alternate supplier and will have them in stock this week. This order would have been shipped the same day it was placed, but since the request was made that it "ship complete only", we have been unable to ship because we were missing the one fitting. Due to the long delay in being able to ship the order we are shipping it with free shipping this week.

    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.
    Customer Service Dept.


    • JimParker256
      JimParker256 commented
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      Excellent response. I suspect that more proactive communication may have resulted in less angst for all parties involved, but glad to hear it is being resolved.

    • James
      James commented
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      Yes, ACS CEO Jim Irwin contacted me today with a very cordial email as outlined above.

      I explained to him that I have been happy with ACS to date, and have had no problem with paying for shipping at the outset, but that the departure from the original agreed delivery timeline for my complete order, along with an unsympathetic response from their sales rep, left me feeling dissatisfied as a customer.

      I feel that ACS has taken my concerns on board, and it's good to see that they value engaging and retaining their customers when things don't go to plan.

      We'll see what comes in the mail!

      - James